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Aubrey Holloway

All Star Boater
Current Team
Drain Raider
Bass Battles, All Star Bass Fishing Team League
2018 All Star Team League, 2017 Bass Battles Season One

Biggest Largemouth 7.11lbs
Biggest Smallmouth 5.04lbs
Biggest Spotted Bass 2.01

Top 5 Lures / Presentation styles Jig and Trailer, Texas rig, Crankbait, Dropshot, Weightless Senko… flipping keeping constant contact with structure all the time. Fishing different levels and depths to find patterns.

Favorite fishing destination Columbia River

Grew up fishing before i can remember, its something I’ve always done and loved. And as I got older it became an obsession!!! But honestly my uncle “Rosie Williams” took me under his wing at a very young age and planted the seed!!!

2017 Tournaments:

Oregon bass federation
American bass association
Central valley bass club
Bass Battles
Nw open bass tournaments

2018 Tournament Schedule Unknown

Affiliations: Ardentreels, stormer, Xzone lures, Fishbum Outfitters, Drag, The Rod Glove, Woo tungsten, Hitch pro and Tow, Superior silk screen and embroidery, Carrotstix, Bayou bug jigs, slanginandflanginoutdoors, Justin’s reel repair, TeamDrainRaider, Stnchy, Nationalprostaff, American bass association, The Bass Federation.

Bass Battles

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event
2017 Bass Battles Season OneDrain Raider0

All Star Bass Fishing Team League

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event