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My name is Brandon Elbert. I’ve been fishing all my life. Ever since I was old enough my neighbor would take me to emigrant lake in Ashland Oregon. He would show me how to use a spinner bait or a crank bait, but we all know how impatient a 5 year old boy at the lake can be. So I’d float a night crawler under a bobber more than anything. I remember always grabbing my dads fishing poles in stead of mine when we would go out. I’ll never forget the day I landed my first bass. I was use it my dads ultra light crappy rod. I believe I was throwing a crappy jig at the time. We were fishing a rocky bottom area and I couldn’t have been older than about 6 or 7. Since that day I’ve been hooked! I started changing blades on spinner baits and creating these Frankenstein lures and going out and fishing them. Of course they would get hung up and break off or just not work most of the time. But the feeling I’d get when I caught something I made was in beatable. Skip ahead 5 years or so and my family picked up and moved. Moved away from the people who went fishing with me almost every day. I’d probably only go about once or twice a year from this point until I was about 23. At 23 I was body building and getting to the point where I was showing. A freak accident that almost put me in a wheel chair made me re think my hobbies. I ended up getting a few fishing poles and some jigs and it all came back to me. Started gluing baits together again and catching fish on them. Started shaving down the lead on jigs to get them to swim different and I had this urge to create something new! I got into competitive fishing and sharing some of my ideas was repainting my crankbaits and coming up with some really weird stuff that just started working. About 3 years ago now my dad bought me the best Christmas present ever! A pouring kit. It’s been non stop since then I’ve dumped THOUSANDS of dollars into what could have been nothing. But fast forward a little more I have a website people are coming back for more! I’ve become part of an amazing family the all star team! And a part of drain raider pro bass fishing team. You can’t ask for a better group of people.
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8lbs 8oz largemouth
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