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Cody Hollen

Field Tester
Current Team
Cody Hollen, All Star Bass Fishing
All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

PB Largemouth 6.87

PB Smallmouth 5.85

PB Spotted Bass 3.5

Favorite Fishing Destination: Clear Lake

Top Lures/ Presentations:

Drop Shot, Spinnerbait, Crankbait, Jerkbait, Texas Rig

Bass Fishing Start:

My dad started me when I was young as he fished a lot of tournaments locally. I got out of it, still bank fished here and there, then got hurt riding motocross and started bass fishing again heavily!

2017 Tournaments: BASS Nation and Club tournaments

2018 Tournaments: BASS Nation, Opens, and Club tournaments

All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

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