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David Mays

All Star Boater
Current Team
All Star Bass Fishing
All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge, Bass Battles
2018 Bass Battles Season Two, 2017 Bass Battles Season One

PB Largemouth 8.75 lbs

PB Smallmouth 5.7 lbs

PB Spot 4.25 lbs

Favorite fishing Destination Columbia River

Favorite Lures/ Presentation Styles: Dropshot smallies and Flipping largies

How did you get started in bass fishing? Grew up fishing Brownlee Reservoir for all species. By the time I got into high school I started focusing more and more on bass since Basmasters was starting to grow world wide. Started fishing tourneys a couple years after high school and haven’t looked back!


2018 Schedule: BASS, TBF, and Bass Battles


All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

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Bass Battles

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