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Duane Mathis

All Star Boater
Current Team
All Star Bass Fishing
Bass Battles
2018 Bass Battles Season Two
Spending my youth in central Florida I got my start perusing what is now my obsession. In my mid 20’s I was introduced to the club level of fishing and shortly after finished 2nd in the race for angler of the year with the Oregon Hawg Hunters. Along my way I have achieved 3 top 25 finishes in B.A.S.S. and 2 others in various opens. One Big Fish award through Oregon BASS at Arlington.

Favorite/ Home Water

Willamette river/home water, Tenmile lake/favorite body of water
Biggest Bass and Species

6.52 lb / Largemouth, 5.83 lb. Smallmouth

Favorite Lures/ Presentation Styles
Jigs, topwaters, spinnerbaits………flipping and pitching are my favorite presentations

Tournaments Fished

Oregon B.A.S.S
Nixons Open

Tenmile Bass Club Open

Limit Out Marine Big Bass Open
North West Club Classic


Oregon Hawg Hunters
Ardent Outdoors
2018 Tournament Plans

Bass Battles Oregon Coast

Bass Battles Columbia River


Bass Battles

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