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Jeremy McKay

All Star Boater
Current Team
Drain Raider
Bass Battles, All Star Bass Fishing Team League
2018 Bass Battles Season Two, 2017 Bass Battles Season One
Biggest Largemouth 9.2lb
Biggest Smallmouth 5.86lb
Biggest Spotted Bass 5.25lb
Top 5 Lures / Presentation styles 1. Flippin’ a 1/2oz Green Pumpkin Jig and beaver trailer
2. Rippin’ a jerkbait in a natural bait fish pattern
3.Walking a frog for those giant blowups
4.Spinnerbait or Vibrating Jig
5.Drop shotting an old faithful Green Pumpkin Senko
Favorite fishing destination As far as constistent solid bags and just about any pattern you want to target, it’s gotta be Tenmile Lake.
How did you get started bass fishing? I was 7 years old and had only caught trout.  Old friend of mine lived by Baker Bay at Dorena Lake and and we would spend hours, days, weeks, even months standing on the docks dragging the good ole split shot rig around catching bass up to 5lbs.  I was hooked in no time and ditched those slimy trout!  By the age of 13 I was involved with the Willamette Valley Bass Club in Cottage Grove and never looked back!
2017 Tournaments Fished upwards of 40 Tournaments in 2017.  My best accomplishments were winning the first Season of Bass Battles and advancing to the TBF semifinals where I won that advancing to Nationals at Bull Shoals Lake in 2018.
I also won AOY in our local Emerald Bass Club.
My wife and I finished 2nd in points directing and fishing the ABA circuit.
2018 Tournament Schedule Wild West Bass Events
American Bass Oregon Events
Bass Battles season 2
Nationals at Bull Shoals
All Oregon opens
Emerald Bass Club Events
Any other event I have the time to squeeze into!




Bass Battles

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event
2018 Bass Battles Season TwoDrain Raider0
2017 Bass Battles Season OneDrain Raider8.57

All Star Bass Fishing Team League

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event
2018 Bass Battles Season TwoDrain Raider0
2017 Bass Battles Season OneDrain Raider0