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Logan Degree

All Star Non-Boater
Current Team
All Star Bass Fishing, Drain Raider
All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge, All Star Bass Fishing Team League
2018 All Star Team League, 2018 All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

PB Largemouth is 6.4

PB Smallmouth is 5.23

PB Spot is 3.5

Favorite fishing destination is the Columbia river!

Favorite techniques are jerkbait fishing and flipping and finesse fishing!

Got started bass fishing at the Age of 5 and joined a local club (COBC) in 2010 and have been a member ever since and have competed in a club classic and have earned several Youth AOY’s and A Big Smallmouth Award. The club has built me a foundation. I have done TBF and BASS youth fishing. 2013 had the opportunity to do a interview for Bass Quest Magazine with Brandon Palaniuk. I made the top 50 All Star Team for High School Fishing in 2015, In 2016 I made the TBF and BASS State teams, in 2017 Won my state as a Non Boater at Lake Shasta which qualified me for the BASS Nation Championship on Lake Hartwell placing 35th. Also in 2017 Qualified to fish the 2018 BASS Western Regional on Clear Lake. Big influence is my parents, putting your mind to things and having a passion for it and being humble can make big dreams come true!

Sponsors/Affiliations are Team Drain Raider, H&H Outfitters, Gary Lewis Outdoors, SeaSpin USA

2018 Accepted into Bethel University in McKenzie, Tennessee and the Bethel University Bass Team

2018 Tournaments:

BASS Western Regional – Clear Lake, California

BASS and TBF Qualifiers

Oregon State Opens




All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event

All Star Bass Fishing Team League

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event