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Michael Ardito

All Star Boater
Current Team
Premier Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning
Bass Battles, All Star Bass Fishing Team League
2018 Bass Battles Season Two, 2017 Bass Battles Season One

PB Largemouth: 10.73lbs
PB Smallmouth:    6.8lbs
PB Spot:                 3.0lbs

Favorite Destination: Umpqua River system
Galesville Reservoir
Tenmile Lake

Favorite Lures:  3/8 oz. Heavy finesse jig
Shakey head worm
Square bill crank baits
Jerk bait
Drop shot

Favorite style/presentation:
1.”Power Finesse”
2. Shallow water crankin’

How I got started in bass fishing:
I owe this addiction to both my parents. As a small child I watched my father bring home steelhead, salmon and sacks of shad wishing one day I could be that man. When I was old enough he would take me out in an old lake boat and troll the banks so i could cast for bass. My mamma would drive me down to the river and let me loose while keeping a close eye on me from the minivan. I joined UVBM in high school and that is where my addiction blew up. I then joined the US Army and in doing so this opened the flood gates to opportunity to learn bass fishing from coast to coast. I’ve been a member of numerous bass clubs and participated in opens all across the states from the Potomac River, Grand Lake, the desert lakes in Arizona and eventually making it back home to Oregon where it all started.

Achievements: 2017  AOY 2nd place UVBM
2016  AOY 2nd place UVBM
2015  AOY 2nd place UVBM
2017 Tournament Schedule:
Umpqua Valley Bassmasters Club
Bass Battles
Oregon ABA
Mid Oregon Bass Club

2018 Tournament Schedule:
Umpqua Valley Bassmasters
Bass Battles
All Star Bass Fishing
Numerous Opens









Bass Battles

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event

All Star Bass Fishing Team League

SeasonAnglersPoint Per Event
2018 Bass Battles Season TwoPremier Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning0