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Ryan Gates

All Star Boater
Current Team
All Star Bass Fishing
All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

Biggest Largemouth 11.73 lbs
Biggest Smallmouth 7.2
Biggest Spotted Bass 3.0

Top 5 Lures / Techniques

Spinnerbait, pitchin,flippin, crankin,finesse

Favorite fishing destination

I want to go back to bull shoals

How did you get started bass fishing? When i was a child i was always interested in fishing cuz my father was a salmon fisherman. I would get up early and watch fishing shows on t.v. instead of cartoons. My fathers best friend Bob Caramatic bought a new ranger bassboat and took me out bass fishing for my first time and i have never stopped to look back.

2017 Tournaments T.b.f. qualifiers. T.b.f.national semi finals. T.b.f. national finals. Several club and open tournaments

All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge

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