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Whitney KaDell

All Star Non-Boater
Current Team
Drain Raider
2018 Bass Battles Season Two

My husband is my whole reason I started bass fishing. I have fished in the past but nothing like this wonderful adventure! I love it! I have been bass fishing about 5 years, with a few breaks to raise our two little girls Zoey and Zaley This is not just a hobby it is something that bring my husband and I together doing something we love and hope to one day touch that “next level” of this fantastic sport! We are a part of the Drain Raider/All Star Bass Fishing family and couldn’t be more blessed. I have so much fun and forget about reality when I’m on the water. I can’t wait to get my feet wet again and enjoy this tournament with some awesome ladies! Fish on!

Favorite/ Home Water
Ten Mile, Hood River, Shasta

Biggest Bass and Species
5 lbs

Favorite Lures/ Presentation Styles
spinner baits/ frogs/ chatter baits

Awards/ Achievements
Being the wife of Keith KaDell is my achievement. He amazes me with his drive and love for bass fishing!

Tournaments Fished
First one!

Drain Raider/ All star bass fishing/ my husband and kids