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Bass angler Zeth Kinnett has been fishing since early childhood. Starting out in the trout streams of Washington, growing up in Wisconsin, fishing places like the Mississippi River, and moving back to the west coast to California followed by returning to his home state, Washington, has made Zeth a well rounded and diverse angler.
Zeth began competitive bass angling in 2000 on the Redman trail, quickly qualifying for the regionals but encountered some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances which caused Zeth to have to take a step back from pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a professional angler.
In 2015 Zeth began competing again as a co-angler. Now at the tail end of the angling season in 2018 and ready for 2019, Zeth has moved over to competing as a boater and will compete in many local PNW tournaments and a portion of the WON Bass tournament trail as he gains his bearings on the boater side in preparation for moving forward on the professional side of angling.


Favorite Water
Mississippi River


Home Water
Lake Washington


Biggest Bass and Species
Big! Weight unknown near 10+. Largemouth


Favorite Lures/ Presentation Styles
Keitech Swing Impact FAT/ Any finesse technique


Awards/ Achievements
Redman Regionals qualifier
Building relationships with companies & sponsors as a competitive angler.
Multiple published product & technique articles online


Tournaments Fished
BFL when it was Redman
Costa FLW


Freedom Tackle
Woo Tungsten
Stout Woodworks