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Driven by bass fishing as an angler, tournament director, and all around fan, Bobby Brown launched All Star Bass Fishing in 2018 to provide a unique service to anglers across the US. Keeping the angler in mind, All Star Bass Fishing has a few main categories for anglers of all interests and skill levels. From Field Testing all the way to the Professional Team level, you can count on All Star Bass Fishing to listen to angler needs and feedback to continue the growth of a brand that aims at changing how we look at bass fishing and how bass fishing is looked at from outside the water. Take a look at the divisions below and feel free to comment on any pages as you take a journey into All Star Bass Fishing!

All Star Bass Fishing Structure

Bass Tournaments

Building on the success of the 2017¬†Bass Battles Season One, All Star Bass Fishing will sponsor and promote the 2018 Season Two events with some exciting changes. This head to head bracket series will be one to keep an eye on with live Facebook coverage and multiple social media platforms to cheer on your favorite angler. Cash and product prizes have increased for 2018. Sign up before it’s too late for Oregon Coastal Lakes, Columbia River, or one of the new Men’s or Ladies Non-Boater Brackets!

Team Structure

The newly designed All-Star Bass Fishing Team League will be a pilot for 2018 and include an opportunity for teams to form and compete head to head in any events agreed upon by the team captain. Season standings will be tallied and results updated as the season progresses. More than just bragging rights are at stake between these teams. A cash prize for all members of the team will be announced once all teams have been identified and schedules set.

Sponsorship Challenge

The All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge will allow all bass anglers at any level to compete for a spot on the All Star Bass Fishing Pro Staff. Monthly cash and product sponsorship packages will be at stake as well as a grand prize to be announced live at the final event of the All Star Bass Fishing Team League. Product will be distributed to all participating anglers of the Sponsorship Challenge for use in promotion on social media. Anglers who do the best job of showing the value of the product in a creative way will take home the prizes and establish their own value to our sponsors at the same time.

All Star Bass SHOP Coming Soon

The All Star Bass Fishing brand will be established with product that can be purchased online or at events by anglers and fans! More to come on available product in Spring 2018.

All Star Bass Fishing promotes the brands we use. Give em a look and let us know what you think!