“I wish I could get paid to go fishing” is a common statement heard from West Coast to East Coast out of the mouths of bass anglers everywhere. For most, it’s a dream that will never become a reality with a microscopic percentage of cash sponsorships paid to Elite anglers with a National presence. The big companies that can afford to pay an anglers entry fees look for the most visibility throughout the tournament season paired with a natural ability to promote their products AND FOR A GOOD REASON! The marketing dollars are still expected to produce revenue over a certain time period for any business. You go broke and shut down a business just handing everything out and not making a profit. Remember that when you are asking for a sponsorship and not really providing a company with your vision of the return on investment they would be getting by signing you.

On the anglers side…

What about the hundreds and thousands of anglers working their way up? Stories of anglers maxing out credit cards to take their shot are far too common. DON’T DO THAT! There is a saying that the best way to become a millionaire bass fishing is to start out a billionaire. Expenses add up quickly with travel, lodging, meals, truck and boat repairs, etc… Tournament entry fees are just a portion of the expenses needed to make this leap into the professional ranks and ANY LEVEL of the professional ranks. Many anglers continue to push the boundaries of their expenses and fishing becomes stressful. They will accept a Pro-Staff position for a discount on product and spend more money trying to keep up with the purchasing expectations of the company sponsoring them.

Shouldn’t we try to do better?

Over the 2018 calendar year, All Star Bass Fishing will make every attempt to provide better exposure and a better platform for tournament anglers everywhere. This already started in 2017 by piloting a tournament series in Oregon called Bass Battles. An exciting new format provides an opportunity for anglers to promote themselves and their sponsors in a way that hasn’t been done on a local level. Live head to head coverage on the water, pre-tournament and post-tournament interviews, hype video’s (check out YouTube), and exponential social media coverage gave two anglers, Jeremy McKay and Rosie Williams over 10K views on Championship weekend in 2017. Out of that format, Jeremy was able to dominate the TBF National Semifinal event over two days and qualify to fish for a National Title in April at Bull Shoals. Will this be an occurrence every year? Maybe not but it’s fishing and ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Are sponsors falling over themselves to get in? Maybe not but WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

Expansion of Bass Battles to include Coastal Lakes, Columbia River, additional Men’s and Ladies Non-Boater divisions, and the addition of a Team League Pilot are just a few of the opportunities we hope will drive the future of bass fishing to another level.

As those components continue to grow on a local level, the All Star Bass Fishing Sponsorship Challenge has already kicked off on a National Level. Many anglers don’t even realize it yet but for a $40 yearly membership they can have a monthly shot at a CASH SPONSORSHIP as well as other prizes. Are the cash and prizes valuable? Obviously yes, but anglers will also grow their promotional value by creating content that can be linked to their Angler Bio page and used as a resume. Are you tying it together yet? More tournament visibility, more personal brand exposure, and increased promotional value are all the focus areas for AllStarBassFishing.Com.

So what’s next?

Explore the new website, look at the 2018 Tournament Calendar in the “Tournaments” section, plan your 2018 season and budget, and if you plan to fish Bass Battles, the Team League, other tournaments or not, JOIN All Star Bass Fishing this year and participate in the Sponsorship Challenge. You will be a part of something new and could potentially find yourself in a position by 2019 or 2020 or 2021… whatever that timeframe is… to take your shot at the next level.

Come be a part of expanding these concepts and providing feedback to help shape the future of our sport!

Still not sold on our vision?

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and tune in to the next live shows in February to see who wins the January #AllStarBassFishing Sponsorship Challenge and what products will be coming up in the field testing product challenges this year.

Whatever you do with 2018, as Art Ferreira always tells Team Drain Raider, “Just go fish and have fun”.