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Bass Battles Rules and FAQ

Rules:  Safety first and have fun!!!

– Bass Battles contestants will operate a boat with min $300K liability insurance coverage, equipped with an aerated livewell, navigation lights, and all other marine requirements.

-Open Practice: Unless otherwise communicated, Bass Battles events have open practice up to midnight prior to the event. Off- limit waters are anything posted as No-Trespassing, No Boating, No Fishing, etc…

-All bass must be kept alive in an aerated livewell with use of NON-PUNCTURE culling markers. ACCU-CULL systems are available for purchase with limited inventory. 

-Stock all appropriate safety gear in boat compartments including green/ orange contest banner. Contest banners are only required in rounds less than 24 boats for Oregon waters but always good to have onboard utilizing the orange side for on-water emergencies.

– Wear life jacket with kill switch attached AT LEAST when big motor is running

– Contact Bobby 503-550-1852 for any emergency situations and advise at any point leaving the water is necessary.

– Use courtesy 25 yard rule from other contestants unless granted permission by the angler operating the boat. 

– All protests must be brought to the Tournament Director prior to the conclusion of weigh in

– no culling of dead fish

– dead fish penalty is .5 lb

– 5 bass limit – any size unless specifically instructed by the tournament director for specific round/ waterbody adjustments

 – All boats must be back to the dock or weigh in area on time or a 1 lb per minute penalty will be enforced

Social Media/ Information:

– Social media MAY be used during Bass Battles events

– Phone usage is permitted but not encouraged when running on plane

– Solicitation of information from any non-participating angler on the water is prohibited and grounds for disqualification

– Participation in Bass Battles automatically assumes approval to use interview and on the water video coverage of you, your boat, and tow vehicle. ANY EXCEPTIONS to this must be communicated in writing, email, or text message prior to tournament day 1 blast off.



 Q- Do I pay entry fees in each round?

A – No. Bass Battles entry fee is paid at the seeding event only. All prize money is distributed from the initial entry fee.


Q- Will I have a non-boater fishing from my boat?

A- No. We will have on-boat media coverage at times that will require another person in your boat doing interviews and pictures. 


Q- How does the seeding event work?

A- Top 24 Day 1 weights advance by place into the head to head bracket format. Day 2 will be 1st place vs 24th, 2nd vs 23rd, etc.. all placements will be announced after weigh in and social media announcements will take place Saturday evening and Sunday morning via AllStarBassFishing and Bass Battles Facebook Pages