Do you close your eyes at night and dream about fishing? Do you wake up and wonder if you have enough time to get a couple casts in on the way to school or work? Have you experienced the thrill of testing your skills against other anglers?

We have a bass tournament circuit for you!

You don’t need a boat or a week off to compete against other anglers in your state.


All you need is the All Star Bass Fishing Bass Battles Tournament Pack, a rod, a reel, and you are ready to compete head to head for prizes, state bragging rights, and the possibility of moving up to the next level in competitive bass tournament fishing.

  Partnering with Connect Scale, we will pilot the first series of monthly tournaments in January 2019.

24 anglers in each state will pair the scale with their iPhone (Android applications are coming soon!) and follow fish documenting rules to grab their best 5 bass limit each week in head to head matchups. Anglers who win the head to head Round 1 will advance on each week until a Bass Battles Online State Champion is crowned!

For more information on how to sign up, visit BASS BATTLES ONLINE and get started before the brackets are full! Once the bracket is full, we will make live announcements to highlight the anglers in each state and provide Q/A with the audience. Good luck no matter what you fish in 2019! It’s going to be a great year.