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Bass Battles

Bass Battle Information

  • $70 TBF/FLW Membership  +$25 Bass Battles Membership +$200 Entry per Event
  • Coastal Lakes Event and Columbia River Event
  • Top 2 Coastal Lake Bracket and Top 2 Columbia River Bracket Qualify for TBF National Semi-Finals
  • 100% payout (30% to Top 7 in 1st day Seeding Event/ 70% Top 4 in Bracket Event)

2017 Season

2017 marked a year of change for Oregon Bass Fishing. The new head to head pilot season kicked off in April with sixteen anglers competing at random locations in random pairings. The format challenged anglers with a limited time frame to prepare for events that put them on water they may or may not have been familiar with. Season One provided a double elimination format with shortened rounds and on the water updates to really put the pressure on.

2018 Season

The 2018 return of Bass Battles for Season Two will bring a few changes to the format based on direct angler and audience feedback. The largest changes include separate events on Oregon Coastal Lakes and another on the Columbia River, Seeding events, and single elimination bracket to condense each series to a two weekend commitment vs the lengthy Season One commitment. Other exciting additions to 2018 will be the pilot of  Men’s and Ladies Non-Boater Bass Battles Brackets!

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Bass Battles will continue it’s TBF Oregon affiliation and send more anglers to the National Semi-Finals than in Season One. This is primarily due to changes in structure by TBF to allow club size to dictate the number of anglers to qualify for the National Semi-Finals. Bass Battles is targeting growth in the second year to allow three boaters and three non-boaters the opportunity to take a shot at a National Title.

2018 Memberships can be purchased online for a total of $95 including FLW, TBF, and Bass Battles dues.

2018 Tournament entry will be $200 for the March 24 Coastal Lake Seeding event and pay out 30%. The remaining 70% will go into the prize pool for the single elimination bracket event starting March 25 with the top 16 anglers from the Seeding event facing off head to head. Championship weekend for this bracket will take place April 28-29 starting with the Elite 8, Final 4, and ending with the Final 2 anglers facing off to determine the Champion. 1st place will pay out an estimated $2500 and identify a TBF National Semifinal Boater. 2nd place will pay $1000 and identify the TBF National Semifinal Non-Boater.

A similar event will take place June 23rd-24 on the Columbia River with another $200 entry fee and similar payout structure based on the number of anglers. Championships for this event will be held in July and again determine a TBF National Semifinal boater and non-boater.



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