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February 9, 2018
Southern Invasion

2018 appears to be the year of the “Southern Invasion” with anglers from the Pacific Northwest getting a strong start on the big stage. This may not be the first year for anglers to have some success down south, Rocky Ward enjoyed the taste of success with a WWBT win in 2016 and Jacob Wall…

January 26, 2018
All Star Bass Fishing Featured Anglers

Keep your eye out for ongoing changes to the AllStarBassFishing.Com webpage. As we ramp up in the 2018 tournament season, the information will be flying and the updates will keep the site fresh so you will have to provide some feedback if your favorite section has suddenly been moved. The latest change provides a weekly…

January 23, 2018

“I wish I could get paid to go fishing” is a common statement heard from West Coast to East Coast out of the mouths of bass anglers everywhere. For most, it’s a dream that will never become a reality with a microscopic percentage of cash sponsorships paid to Elite anglers with a National presence. The…

December 15, 2017
2018 All Star Bass Fishing Team League

Have you ever wondered why bass fishing doesn’t have a standard league? There are all levels of team leagues for other sports. Why not bass fishing? This is the concept that will be taking the Pacific NW by storm in 2018 so get on board quick if you haven’t heard the rumbling! Teams are forming,…

December 14, 2017
Washington State Bass Anglers Unite

The recent hot topic in Washington surrounding WDFW regulation proposals would remove limits on warm water panfish including bass in 2018. On December 9, 2017 many anglers made the trip to Olympia to listen to WDFW representatives speak on the rule simplification process and provide updates on public opinion of each topic. Washington State representatives…

December 1, 2017
Bass Battles Season One
2017 marked a year of change for Oregon Bass Fishing. The new head to head pilot season kicked off in April with sixteen anglers competing at random locations in random pairings. The format challenged anglers with a limited time frame to prepare for events that put them on water they may or may not have...
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