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All Star Bass Fishing Team League

January 15, 2018
Logan Degree

PB Largemouth is 6.4 PB Smallmouth is 5.23 PB Spot is 3.5 Favorite fishing destination is the Columbia river! Favorite techniques are jerkbait fishing and flipping and finesse fishing! Got started bass fishing at the Age of 5 and joined a local club (COBC) in 2010 and have been a member ever since and have…

January 11, 2018
Blossom Langston

PB Largemouth PB Smallmouth Favorite Fishing Destination Top Lures/ Presentation styles: Texas Rig, Whopper Plopper, Jerkbait How did you get started bass fishing? When I was a kid I took my 5 little brothers fishing after our dad passed away. We made rods out of sticks!                  …

December 24, 2017
David Soliz

Biggest Largemouth 8.07 lbs Biggest Smallmouth 4.26 lbs Top 5 Lures / Presentation styles Jig’s Plastic’s Crankbait’s Spinnerbait’s Swimbait’s How did you get started bass fishing? Needed a switch from chasing salmon and steelhead, started 5 years ago and haven’t stopped since! 2017 Tournaments Mid Valley Bass Club Tournaments Central Valley Bass Club Tournaments 503…

December 17, 2017
Aubrey Holloway

Biggest Largemouth 7.11lbs Biggest Smallmouth 5.04lbs Biggest Spotted Bass 2.01 Top 5 Lures / Presentation styles Jig and Trailer, Texas rig, Crankbait, Dropshot, Weightless Senko… flipping keeping constant contact with structure all the time. Fishing different levels and depths to find patterns. Favorite fishing destination Columbia River Grew up fishing before i can remember, its…

December 16, 2017
Art Ferreira

Sponsors Superior Silkscreen; Hitch Pro & Tow; Justin’s Reel Repair; Willamette Weapon Custom Lures; Thomas Custom Lures; Pegas Custom Rods.   Bio Started fishing on my own. Made it to the Oregon state team twice and the National Championship at Grand Lake. I sponsor Drain Raider Pro Bass Team. Favorite/ Home Water Tenmile Biggest Bass…

December 15, 2017
Darek Nelson

Big Bass Favorite Fishing Destination Top lures/ Presentation styles How did you start bass fishing? 2017 Tournaments 2018 Tournaments   Sponsor Affiliations    

December 15, 2017
Kristi Hollenbeck

Big Bass Favorite Fishing Destination Favorite lures/ technique specialty How did you get started bass fishing?   2017 Tournaments 2018 Tournaments

December 3, 2017
Michael Ardito

PB Largemouth: 10.73lbs PB Smallmouth:    6.8lbs PB Spot:                 3.0lbs Favorite Destination: Umpqua River system Galesville Reservoir Tenmile Lake Favorite Lures:  3/8 oz. Heavy finesse jig Shakey head worm Square bill crank baits Jerk bait Drop shot Favorite style/presentation: 1.”Power Finesse” 2. Shallow water crankin’ How I got started in bass fishing: I owe this addiction…

November 17, 2017
Robert Ellis

Biggest Largemouth 13 lbs. and 10oz. Biggest Smallmouth 5.43 Biggest Spotted Bass 6 lbs. 09 oz. Top 5 Lures / Presentation styles Jig , jerk bait, frog.whopper plopper, crank bait Favorite fishing destination California delta close second Clear Lake California How did you get started bass fishing? My dad fish for bass when I was…

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