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Bass Battles

May 12, 2020
Kevin Higgins

Bio I love fishing. It doesn’t matter if it’s for blue gill in a pond or for the All American. I’m going to have a blast fishing until the day I die. Favorite/ Home Water Clear Lake CA, Biggest Bass and Species Double digits largemouth in CA Favorite Lures/ Presentation Styles Top Water is hard…

April 13, 2020
Kevin Bridges

Home State OR Bio I started bass fishing at a very young age and have enjoyed the sport of bass fishing ever since. My father was my influence. Hes a great angler. He got me “Hooked”. I have been competing on various levels of Tournaments from club evens to mid level local Events and some…

January 28, 2020
Tyler Nale

Home State Oregon Bio 22 years old will be 23 when bass battles start! I’ve been bass fishing since I was probably 10 years old but didn’t start tournament fishing until About 2016. I got my first boat in 2017 and have been addicted to tournament fishing since then! Favorite/ Home Water Tenmile, siltcoos, Tahkenitch,…

January 28, 2020
William Moffett

Home State Washington Bio I was hooked on fishing back in 1972. Watching my Dad catch bass on a purple worm with white spots. My first bass tournament was on Toledo Bend 1992, where I caught the big fish of the tournament. I love fishing in general and enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with…

January 13, 2020
Austin Gorham

Home State Oregon   Bio I got started bass fishing when I was kid fishing behind my house in a small creek. Have taught myself how to bass fish second year bass fishing out of a boat did a few years fishing Oregon kayak bass fishing won the first kayak bass fishing classic in 2019…

January 13, 2020
Kyle Gray

Home State California Bio Fishing was always apart of my childhood. Growing up in Lakehead Ca really made me want to become a great angler. Watching a few guys I look up too win the biggest tournaments on Shasta, and still are, makes me want to try my hardest every time and hopefully have a…

January 7, 2020
Justin Castro

Home State Oregon Bio Started bass fishing at a young age with my father. My father was a professional bass fisherman in the 70s so I have learned a lot over the years from him. Been on a 10 year bass fishing hiatus while working for the government in other states. Now I’m teaching my…

January 7, 2020
Aaron Van De Hey

Home State Oregon Bio I started bass fishing in June of 2017 and fished my first tournament a week later. Since that first tournament I’ve put in as much time as I can to improve my skills and confidence on the water. This is the first year I’m going to be testing my abilities in…