For those that don’t know, FLW has been coming out West for many years and provides anglers an opportunity to reach their dreams on a big stage. The first 2018 event at Lake Havasu saw more than 20 anglers from Washington and Oregon make the trip to take their shot.


Huge props to Sean Minderman of Washington  who made the top 10 cut and will be fishing for big money advancing to Saturday! Keep up with FLW Costa Series to find out if Sean can make the dream a reality and project himself above the rest of this strong field of anglers.


(Photo’s courtesy of FLW Outdoors)


Additional credit is due to Jacob Wall, Shawn O’Connell, Jiggs Benn, David Kromm, Jake Boomer, Jeff Reid, Nathan Bromley, Lane Olson, Andrew Janke, Robert Gritski, Wes Wezenberg, Greg Huey, Justin Campbell, Nick Young, Dustin Noffsinger, Ryan Furno, Robert Bruggeman, David Swenseid, Eric Urstad, Jon Maslonka, and Ben Foster for getting involved and fishing FLW at Havasu. With more than 300 anglers total at Havasu and a slow bite for most, getting a decent limit for two consecutive days would likely cash a check.

Just in case you have been living under a rock the past few years and not keeping up with the excitement of Pacific NW Bass Fishing growth, let me introduce you to Jacob Wall.

This young angler has a list of accomplishments a mile long from his career as a Duck on the University of Oregon College Fishing Team.  His journey has been a fun one to watch and now we are lucky to keep up with Jacob as he pursues some hefty goals in the FLW Costa Western Series 2018 events.

Jacob was able to accomplish some nice limits at Havasu himself and just barely missed the top 10 cut. This is a huge accomplishment for any angler but doing it in his pro debut is an amazing feat. With his focus on consistency, it will be exciting to see what Jacob can do in the remaining events at Clear Lake and Cal Delta.

The future of the Pac NW bass fishing is strong so keep up with all of the anglers here and see who can become an All Star!