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Team League Series

  • 5 Team Pilot
  • $500 Season Entry
  • Team Captains Choose Format
    • Existing Tournament Circuit
    • Individual All Star┬áBass Fishing hosted tournament matchup
    • Team “Open” hosted tournament matchup
  • Season winning percentage after facing all teams determines playoff

2018 will kick off a pilot season aimed at changing the sport of bass fishing. The establishment of the All Star Bass Fishing Team League will include team rosters, team captains, head to head team match-ups, regular season, and post season if needed.

Team captains have the opportunity to control the size of the roster with limited changes throughout the season. Each team will choose the tournament dates and locations through established circuits, opens, clubs, or All Star Bass Fishing events. A minimum of 4 tournaments will count towards the regular season win-loss record and establish a champion.