This year has been an eye opening experience to say the least! Many of the highlights of 2018 have been getting more familiar with the up and coming anglers out there. Some are just getting started and some are well on their way to making a name for themselves in the bass fishing world.

The Bass Federation of Oregon recently had a youth event at Tenmile Lake organized by Joe Potter with the help of volunteers providing boats for the young anglers to fish from. Here are a few names and faces from the day to keep your eyes on:

1st place team of Josh Buller and Conner Chase pulled 11.21 lbs into the boat and were captained by Corey Buller. I was lucky enough to spend a day on the Willamette River with Josh and I can tell you this young man will be out-fishing ‘ol dad soon if he isn’t already and that is saying a lot.




2nd place in this event, and quite possibly the most inspiring, went to the team of Clara Messner and Lane Olson with 10.38 lbs, captained by Clint Messner. Miss Clara, taking after her dad, was the quiet one at the ramp in the morning but made a statement on the water! For those adult ladies that shy away from competing against the guys, take notes from Clara Messner and her ability to compete against them at a young age. Inspired yet?




3rd place team of Michael Postlewait and Leo Matthews made the trip from Astoria to fish Tenmile for the first time. After studying maps and making some quick early morning adjustments, these two got on fish quick. Impressive young men with a bright future ahead as they already have more experience on a wide range of waterways than most anglers twice their age. These guys will definitely be back on the water making headlines soon.



4th place in this event was the winner of the last event at Siltcoos, Brennan Osborn, fishing solo and captained by David Osborn. Brennan was interviewed earlier this year at a Bass Battles event, helped with a Fishing Veterans of America event, and already handles this sport with impressive character. Not only will this young man be a great angler, he will also be a role model for the sport on and off the water.




Many more young anglers out there deserve the spotlight and will have their chance to shine. This sport is growing in leaps and bounds! If you have a young angler wanting to get into competition, reach out to your local bass club, the directors for Bass Nation, or TBF Youth programs and help us continue to take bass fishing to another level.