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Willamette River - Rogers Landing

June 8, 2019
Umpqua Valley Bassmasters Event 5

October 13, 2018
Northwest Club Classic (Hosted by Tenmile Bass Club)

This Annual Event is hosted by the winning club from the prior year. Each Oregon bass club sends two boats/ four anglers to compete as a team with a total combined weight for each club weighing up against the other clubs. 2017 NWCC Winners – Tenmile Bass Club

June 16, 2018
Cascade Bassmasters Event 4

Tournament Director Kevin Snelling email

April 7, 2018
Mid Valley Bass Club Event 2

, Club President Darek Nelson Tournament Directors: Ryan Fordham and Jamie McEldowney Membership Dues $50 per yer (Over 65 senior discount $30 per year) Tournament Entry $20 per person for members/ $30 per person non-members (limit 5 guests per year)

March 24, 2018
Cascade Bassmasters Event 1

Tournament Director Kevin Snelling email

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