The recent hot topic in Washington surrounding WDFW regulation proposals would remove limits on warm water panfish including bass in 2018. On December 9, 2017 many anglers made the trip to Olympia to listen to WDFW representatives speak on the rule simplification process and provide updates on public opinion of each topic. Washington State representatives listened to all parties involved speak on the matter and seemed to provide an impressive amount of support to the warm water angling community. The recommendation by the state representatives called for WDFW to regroup and listen to the approximately 1500 emails, phone calls, and in person commentary of anglers opposed to the de-regulation of warm water game fish. Amended proposals are due to state representatives for review before the new regulations would take place in 2018. This reversal would be a big win for bass anglers in the Pacific NW where past policies have been trending in a direction that would drastically impact the fishery.

For more information on this topic, reach out to any of the numerous bass clubs in Washington or Oregon as members are becoming increasingly aware of the policies that threaten the sport.

Here is a partial list of popular clubs to check out:

503 Basserzz

Long Lake Bass Club

Puyallup Hawg Hunters

Washington Bass Association