Let the 2020 Tournament Season begin!

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Bass Battles Season 4 did not kick off as planned due to COVID-19 restrictions and waterway closures. Current event restrictions still limit us but the recent changes now allow for many waterways to be fished in Washington and Oregon. To comply with Social Distancing rules, we have adapted our Bass Battles format to allow anglers to compete in a new Challenge Series.

Equipment Needed:

Each Angler will need a handheld scale and a mesh bag prior to starting the first round. Equipment can be purchased through the All Star Bass Fishing store. We recommend supporting our sponsors that keep us providing you with exciting new events each year.

Entry Fee: $75

Sign up now and compete as we fill brackets for each region in Washington and Oregon. Bracket winners will win $500 cash and prizes in addition to a championship invitation to be held at the end of 2020.


Anglers will meet at a predetermined boat ramp for individual competition on the same body of water.

Anglers will check livewells of each boat and agree on the scale to be used at weigh in. (It is recommended for each angler to have a scale and a mesh bag as a backup)

Blast off will happen once both anglers are on the water with life jacket on and kill switch attached. (Anglers blast off at the same time)

Weigh In time will be 3pm for all events unless otherwise agreed to and previously discussed with Bobby Brown

Anglers flip a coin to decide who weighs first.

The same scale and mesh bag is used for both anglers weighing fish.

Angler A will bag fish and weigh using the handheld scale while Angler B validates the weight by taking a photo of the scale once either locked or settled in. Any re-weigh of fish must be done immediately and validated.

Angler B will bag fish and weigh in the same method as Angler A records photo evidence of weight. Both photo’s are sent to All Star Bass Fishing for bracket updates.

Any tie will be broken by a big fish weight. In the event of a big fish tie, anglers will have a 1 hour big bass fish off.

Make sure to check our Social Media Pages for additional information and support our sponsors that keep us going!