To our Fishing Family,

With the current status of the pandemic  and the government regulations put in place, we would like to reach out to all of our anglers, families, and fans to make clear what our plans for 2020 will be. While it is very difficult to predict what next week, next month, or next season will bring, we will continue to do our best to adjust schedules and locations of our tournaments to allow us to safely enjoy our competition and fellowship on and off the water.  In an effort to support our anglers and the communities we travel to, in the coming weeks we will provide updates and stay connected with any changes.

Something Art stresses repeatedly is FAMILY. Our All Star Family has grown since we started and many of you see that clearly but in difficult times, it is also easy to get caught up in day to day survival and temporarily loose sight of our common bond. We will continue to support our family how we can and when we can.

Our first adjustment to the current state will be a new form at AllStarBassFishing.Com that can be filled out by  ANYONE who may need assistance through this pandemic. The form will only be shared with Bobby, Art, and/ or the person or business that  can fulfill the request for help. This will be in an effort to make sure our communities do not panic and know they can rely on the support of others through difficult times. We are still UNITED. We know resources are not always available but we also have faith in good people willing to work together in times of need.

The second adjustment we will be making is the current state of our schedule. With the financial hit many will be taking due to employment uncertainty, we will revise dates and locations in each series to limit travel as much as possible and avoid state-to-state restrictions and closures. ANYONE who has a financial need can have  deposit money refunded or opt to apply it to other events such as Bass Golf or All Star Open Team tournaments in the  future.

Prayers go out to anyone currently sick or at high risk. We have faith that we will all get through this together and be back on the water doing what we love soon.

Bobby Brown