All Star Bass Fishing will bring a little something for everyone to the table in 2021. Powered by support from the bass community, dedicated sponsors, and new partnerships, we are excited to accelerate into 2021 for our best year yet.

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The popular Bass Battles Challenge Series from 2020 will return with just as much flexibility and opportunity to fish against anglers in your region. With a $75 entry fee for the series and a minimum of 8 anglers per region to start a challenge bracket, these events could pop up literally anywhere! Have a club that wants to add some additional tournaments in a head to head bracket format or just looking to fill some gaps in your existing tournament schedule? Bass Battles Challenge Series lets you have control of locations and dates as each angler agrees prior to the matchup. Get your bass buddies together and join the next Challenge Series going on year round!


Washington, Oregon, and California will each have at least 1 series aimed at bringing everyone back to the head to head format. These events may be scheduled with other events to create a tournament within a tournament utilizing the larger event as the seeding day that will fill the head to head bracket.

Washington’s first Team Event will join forces with Northwest Bass at Moses Lake on June 5th. The top 24 teams will be invited to stay for Round 1 Head to Head Bass Battles with a $150 entry fee on June 6th.

The winning 12 teams from Round 1 will advance to Round 2 at Potholes for another tournament within a tournament as Northwest Bass has another Championship Qualifier June 26th and 27th.

The winning 6 Teams from Round 2 head to head battle on Saturday will advance to Round 3 on Sunday and one step closer to the Bass Battles 3 Team Championship. Payouts will be $1800 for 1st, $900 for 2nd, and $450 for 3rd.

Check the schedule for Team Bass Battles Events in each state and more information on registration options will follow soon.


Bass Battles Pro Series is the return of the “in person” solo pro style event. Oregon Coastal events are scheduled in March and April in 2021 with a $250 entry fee for the seeding event. The top 24 anglers will advance to Round 1 and move through the bracket – win or go home! With a target of 40 anglers for the first Seeding Event, the prize payout would exceed $10,000 for the top anglers as well as Big Bass prizes along the way. Think you have what it takes to be the next Bass Battles Pro Champion?