Whether you’re ending 2019 with some football and bass fishing or kicking off the 2020 season early, you don’t want to miss the 2nd Annual Bass Bowl at Tenmile Lake. At $100 per team, you get the opportunity to enjoy bass fishing in December followed by College Football Playoffs at Osprey Point Pub and Pizza. What more could you ask for?

Football Fishing Rules in this game! Bring your best 3 bass to the scales at noon but you better decide how you want to play offense and defense. Two bass will count for 7 points each plus their combined weight towards Offense. The remaining bass will play defense. The “Defensive Bass” caries a new strategy with it… Do you weigh your big bass to reduce an opponent’s score or put all of your weight on Offense?

When the whistle blows at halftime and the dust settles, teams with points on the board will fish the second half to determine who will claim the Bass Bowl Title for 2019. Click Here For More Details on The Official Page

2019 BASS BOWL Results –

Congrats Jeremy McKay and Darryl Burkhardt on the win with 37.87 points!