Bass Battles expands to 3 different Series options for 2020!

Coastal Series | Southern Series | River Series

Here is a breakdown of the 2020 anglers. Click on any angler name for more info on their Angler Page.

Ron Six

2019 King of the Coast will be back to defend his title but this year will be the toughest challenge yet as each year more anglers take their shot at the title.

Jeremy McKay

2017 and 2018 Back to Back Bass Battles Champion will try to reclaim his top spot in 2020 Coastal Series.

David Mays

With appearances at past Bass Battles Championships for both The River and The Coastal Series, easily one of the most versitile anglers in Oregon. Will he finally get a title in 2020?

Clint Messner

A force on the Oregon Coast. He is always in the hunt and able to put consistent big bass in the livewell. 2020 could be the title year for Clint Messner.

Rosie Williams

The Professor returns! Hard to believe he is still looking for his first Bass Battles Championship. Since the beginning he has been a contender and always a difficult matchup on gameday.

Jay Culver

Drain Raider Team Member and 2018 Bass Battles Coastal Top 4 will come back to the action looking for that Championship opportunity and Coastal redemption.

Mike Strickler

2018 Bass Battles Coastal Top 4 and always a Coastal threat. Consistency is key and you will always have a tough matchup with this guy on the water.

Aubrey Holloway

Team Drain Raider Member and Bass Battles Veteran looking to fish clean and redeem himself after tough losses in Coastal and River Series. NEVER count Aubrey out of a match.

Kevin Heitsman

Coastal Contender! Previous Bass Battles matchups put Kevin up against Nathan Bromley and Michael Strickler early in the head to head rounds. Season 4 is the year!

Jamie McEldowney

Returning for redemption after the Bass Battles Rookie season. Jamie can catch that big bite and always dangerous when its head to head time. Look for him to make a statement this year.

Peter Gobel

2019 Umpqua Valley Bassmaster Angler of the Year will look for his tournament success to continue in Bass Battles 2020 Coastal Series. Head to Head, he can beat anyone on any given day so look out for Peter Gobel.

Tim Kennedy

A Coastal resident is always going to be a tough matchup head to head. Tim Kennedy will make his debut in Bass Battles 2020 looking to cash a check and grab a trophy!

Daryl Oberacker

All Star fan and one heck of a fisherman. Daryl comes to us in his first year as a Bass Battles contender but don’t be fooled, he is far from a rookie on the water.

Ryan Lawrence

Kevin Snelling

William Moffett

Michael Postlewait

Aaron Van De Hey

Tyler Nale

Ross Morris

Mike Stanton

Dustin Sorter

Austin Gorham

Justin Castro

Scott Douglas

Matthew Hamilton

Allen Green

Doug Dolney

Austin Nale

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